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Application for a patent MORE >
What are the types of patent?
A: in China, has three patents, patent law, respectively is a patent for invention, utility model patents and appearance design patent. Invention refers to products, method or the improvement of the proposed new technology solutions, mainly reflect the novelty, inventiveness and practical applicability
Trademark registrationMORE >
What is a trademark, trademark logo? And trademark feature?
According to relevant data records, at present there are seven kinds of trademark in the world the definition of "authority" the most representative are as follows: the international association for the protection of industrial property (AIPPI) conference in Berlin on trademark make a definition: "the trademark is used to distinguish goods and services provided by the individual or collective marks". World intellectual property organization in its trademark "demonstration method" had made the following definition: "the trademark is the product or service of an enterprise and another enterprise's products or services the difference between a tag". The French government in the trademark law is expressed as: "all to identify products, goods or services to any company the tangible markers can be regarded as trademark".
Copyright registration MORE >
What is the copyright (copyright)?
Also known as copyright, copyright is refers to the authors for the creation of literature, art, and science and technology works enjoy the proprietary rights. Copyright is a kind of civil rights of citizens and legal persons shall have the right to belong to the intangible property rights.
High-tech enterprise certification MORE >
What is the high-tech enterprises
High and new technology enterprise is to point to: in the high-tech fields of the national key support, ongoing research and development and technology achievements, forming enterprise core independent intellectual property rights, and on this basis, carry out business activities, within the territory of the People's Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) resident enterprise registered more than one year.
Double soft certification MORE >
The specific content of double soft certification introduction
Double soft certification includes two aspects: the software enterprise certification and software product certification. Determination software enterprises, identified as software enterprises can enjoy preferential tax policies. 1, identified as software enterprises pay and training fee, but according to actual amount deducted when calculating the taxable income 2, new software manufacturing enterprises of our country after that, since the year of making profit, the first and second years shall be exempted from corporate income tax, enterprise income tax shall be levied in half in the third to fifth years.
System integration authentication MORE >
System integration certification.
According to the ministry of information industry computer information system integration qualification management approach (trial) "(ministry rules [1999] no. 1047) file spirit, in order to effectively organize and implement computer information system integration qualification certification, computer information system integration qualification certification is established according to the procedures. The computer information system integration qualification certification, according to the principle of separation of certification and approval of the work according to the first by the certification body certification, and approval by the competent department of the ministry of work procedures.
Information security certification MORE >
The characteristics of information security certification
1, pay attention to the integrity of the system, is a set of scientific information security management system 2, based on risk assessment 3, emphasis on compliance with the laws and regulations 4, widely applicable to all types of organizations 5, with the ISO9000 standard has the very strong compatibility
Project docking MORE >
Nature of the project docking?
The project docking, it is must be made by the 3 composition of funds, projects, and docking. Butt joint method is an intermediary role, project funds through the two party's request to coordinate ultimately be successful docking.
Project research MORE >
What is the feasibility study?
So-called Feasibility Study, Feasibility Study, it is based on the main content of the project and the necessary conditions, such as market demand, resources supply, construction scale, process route, equipment selection, environmental impacts, financing, profitability, etc., from a technical, economic, engineering research and comparative analysis, and after the completion of the project have made the financial, economic and social environment impact forecast, and puts forward how the project is worth the investment and construction advice, provide the basis for project decision-making of a comprehensive system analysis method. Feasibility study should has the characteristics of foresight, integrity, reliability and validity.
I S O certificationMORE >
The birth of ISO9000
People didn't wait too long time, experts in other countries, on the basis of the international organization for standardization in 1987 officially issued ISO9000 series standard series series series standards (9000 ~ 9004) of the first edition. ISO9000 standard in the industry has been widely acknowledged that soon by national standardization bodies and be adopted by the ISO standard in the market one of the best in the world.
Project research MORE >
The concept of bar code
Or barcode bar code (barcode) is the width of the range of several black and blank, arranged according to certain rules of coding, used to express a set of information graphic identifier. Common barcode is by the reflectivity vary widely (article) black and white (empty) arranged in parallel pattern.
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Practicing the strategy of intellectual property rights in China
Intellectual property assessment MORE >
Evaluation of enterprise intellectual property advantage?
(a) to determine the enterprise as assignment or licensing of intellectual property rights trade prices; (2) determine the capitalization of intellectual property value, such as in intellectual property as an investment in shares, establish chinese-foreign equity joint venture enterprise or sino-foreign cooperative enterprise one or both parties to intellectual property rights as capital contributions; (3) intellectual property rights as one of enterprise property rights, the capitalization of intellectual property rights, such as enterprise shareholding system reform, enterprise merger, bankruptcy, liquidation, involving property changes; (4) to set up the pledge right of intellectual property right. In addition, in compensation for intellectual property infringement litigation involving the infringement of property rights, will also be necessary to evaluate.
Intellectual property loans MORE >
The trademark right pledge loans
Trademark pledge loan is a means of financing, at present many domestic provinces and regions used intangible assets for years to encourage enterprises to carry out the financing cooperation, each big commercial Banks have to some firms pledge loans with higher credit rating, mainly reflected in won a provincial famous trademark of China well-known brand enterprises in the majority.

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